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Spokane killer may get prison sentence cut short

Spokane killer may get prison...

SPOKANE, - He shot an innocent woman in the face, but now a former Spokane gang member is about to have his prison sentence cut short.

Now 40-years-old, Kevin Boot was supposed to spend the rest of his life behind bars for the murder of Felicia Reese.

But he heads to court in the near future, hoping a judge will shave years off his punishment.

Boot was just 17 when he killed Felicia Reese, and the U.S. Supreme Court has determined we can't lock up kids barely old enough to drive for the rest of their lives.

So it appears that at his court appearance, Boot will be re-sentenced, much to the disappointment of Reese's friends and relatives.

It was one of Spokane's very rare stranger to stranger murders.

22-year-old Felicia Reese was randomly car-jacked from a downtown hotel parking lot.

Her body was dumped along Upriver Drive.

“It was premeditated,” said a friend of the victim's mother. “They set out to steal a car that day and they didn't care who. They just picked Felicia's unfortunately.”

This woman doesn't want to be identified because Felicia was killed by two teenagers hoping to impress their new street gang.

Investigators say Kevin Boot and his cousin Jerry took turns shooting Felicia in the face.

“Her mother buried her in her wedding dress,” said the friend. “She was supposed to be married about six months after she was murdered.”

The death of the Shadle High graduate shocked Spokane and the members of her church where Felicia sung in the choir.

In 1997, Kevin Boot was convicted of first degree aggravated murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

But now, because the Supreme Court feels our brains don't mature until we're in our mid-twenties, Justices have ruled a then 17-year-old killer deserves a second chance.

“I have not read the paperwork yet, but personally I don't think he needs to be out yet,” the friend said. “I think he definitely needs to do more time. At least 35 years more.”

But Kevin Boot may not face an extended prison term.

Even though his co-defendant Jerry was sentenced to 35 years in prison, Jerry was released just two months ago.

His time behind bars was also cut short by the Supreme Court's decision regarding juvenile killers.

We will be here in court and let you know what happens.