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Spokane Homeless Coalition welcomes new chairman

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane's Homeless Coalition celebrated this year's achievements Thursday morning in the Garland District at The Gathering House. The group of volunteers and agencies came together to remember their accomplishments and focus on what's next.

Members also welcomed a new chair of the coalition, Joe Ader, who is also Director of Family Promise of Spokane's Open Doors shelter.

Past chairman Ryan Oelrich spoke to KXLY about how Spokane can improve the way it helps the homeless population.

"We have seen a sixty percent increase in homeless students over five years. So, homeless families and homeless students are still a big focus area we need to work on as well as continuing to make sure we give folks a hand up not a hand out," said Oelrich. 

While members of the coalition were there to celebrate, they also took the opportunity to collect socks for the Open Doors shelter.