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Spokane County Republicans weigh in on final presidential debate

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had their third and final show down in Vegas Wednesday night. Spokane County Republicans held a watch party and Trump supporters were loving moments of his performance.

There was cheering and clapping throughout the debate. Republicans enjoyed watching Trump fire back at Clinton, especially when it came to topics like her emails and the Clinton Foundation. Many people called the former Secretary of State a liar and there were loud groans from the audience when she brought up Russia's involvement in WikiLeaks.

Many people were visibly annoyed when Chris Wallace, who was moderating the debate, asked Trump about the allegations of sexual harassment made against the Republican nominee.

While many Trump supporters felt the businessman had some good moments throughout the debate, some say he isn't making the case for his presidency well enough.

"What we've got to do is turn Washington D.C. upside down. We've got to stop running our government the way it's been run. We need the people to be able to make a difference in our government, to make an influence," Cecily Wright, Trump County Chair, said.

After the debate, supporters had a change to voice their concerns. One was frustrated neither candidate will admit that Social Security can't last and should be eliminated. Others said they were concerned about Trump's claims of voter fraud.

Republican voters said they think Trump will win the general election in a landslide.