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So-Cal inspired taco place opens on the Bennett block

So-Cal inspired taco place opens on...

SPOKANE, Wash. - With the new ice ribbon opening up in just a few days, you might be spending some more time downtown! And if you get hungry while you're there, a brand new taco joint has you covered. 

Chronic Taco is a Southern California based Mexican Grill where you can get authentic mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

The Spokane location is the chain's 52nd restaurant, and the second in Washington.

Chronic Taco aims to bring a little So-Cal flare to the Inland Northwest.

"Our recipes originated in Mexico, passed down over 3 generations, tweaked a little bit to give us some uniqueness, and the result is what we think is some pretty awesome Mexican food,” said Chronic Tacos franchisee Dan Ciscel.

A Southern California native himself, Ciscel says opening the new Chronic Taco was like bringing a little bit of home to Spokane.

"We looked at the area, and there's so many great restaurants in Spokane. What was the one thing that maybe I would be missing when I move up here? And it was chronic taco,” he said. 

Ciscel believes Chronic Taco offers a flavor you can't find just anywhere.

"The cool thing about tacos is there's no right or wrong way to make them. [But] we think our way of making them is really good,” he explained. “We bring that Southern California inspired authentic style of Mexican food that maybe some of the other places don't have."

Chronic Taco offers more than just tacos, though. On the menu are burritos, burrito bowls, taco salads, quesadillas, and even breakfast burritos served all day long. 

And, Ciscel says no matter when you order breakfast, each ingredient will be made fresh.

“So if you come in at 8:00 at night and you decide you want a breakfast burrito, you're not going to be served some eggs that were sitting under a warmer for 5 hours. We're gonna make those eggs right in front of you." 

The new location began a soft opening today. So if you'd like to try out the new taco joint, they're located downtown in between Carhartt and Rocky Rococo on the Bennett block. 

There will be a grand opening celebration in mid-January, where MTV's Weeman will make an appearance, and the first 50 people in line will receive a free taco once a week for an entire year! The date for the celebration has not yet been announced.