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Sandpoint HS students find racist propaganda on cars

Sandpoint HS students find racist...

SANDPOINT, Idaho - Police in Sandpoint have contacted a person believed to be responsible for placing dozens of CDs filled with racist propaganda on cars outside Sandpoint High School. That person has been banned from school district property. 

The red CDs titled "Spread the Truth" appeared like parking tickets on more than 50 vehicles Thursday afternoon but were far more troubling than a simple fine. 

"I think it's really unfortunate that it's finally infiltrated the high school," said McCalee Cain, Editor in Chief of the Cedar Post, the school's student paper. 

For several months, someone has been posting hate flyers around Sandpoint, promoting racism and violence toward Jews, African Americans, and minorities. Several of those posters were included on the disc, along with new racist content and manifestos. 

Putting school work aside, Cain found herself in the middle of some high stakes reporting. She put her journalism skills to the test and broke the news on the Cedar Post's website hours after the troubling discovery.

"I was definitely pondering how I was going to break it and report all the accurate information as quickly as possible," Cain said. 

"I hope that a lot of students will take notice, and parents will take notice. I think that this is something that we need to be talking about," Cain added.