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Rose Lake flooding threatening homes

Rose Lake flooding threatening homes

KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho - Homes are taking on water in North Idaho's Rose Lake and, Tuesday, Kootenai County commisioners restricted boating on the lake in an attempt to help.

The lake is getting very close to several homes, even stranding one home in the middle of the water. The lake has surrounded one home and is at the front door.

The Kootenai County Board of Commissioners is taking action to protect other homes from the same fate.

"The water is so high that if somebody was to put a motorized boat on the lake, it could actually cause flooding in residences there on the lake," said Kootenai County Undersheriff Dan Mottas.

A county resolution was passed to stop boats from being allowed to create wake. Boaters will not be allowed to use watercraft with an internal combustible engine. That ordinance could be extended to other lakes that are also flooding.

The idea is supported by homeowners on the lake.

David Leeds lives on the lake, though his home isn't threatened. But, the impact of the flooding is affecting nearly everyone in the area, including their ability to access some homes.

"You've definitely got some of the back roads along the river that if you're driving back that way, well the mail lady definitely runs into high water trying to get to those places," Leeds said.

Leeds says he's never seen the water at Rose Lake get as high as it is.

"We thought it was a record was here a couple years ago, but this is definitely the highest it's gotten," said Leeds.

The rain in the forecast is also keeping homeowners on high alert.