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Rogers High School honors "lunch bunch"

SPOKANE, Wash. - A little kindness goes a long way.

Spokane's Roger's High School is getting national attention today. They were featured in a video by a company that focuses on spreading gratitude.

Located in one of the poorest zip codes in the state, students and staff know that Rogers doesn't have the best reputation. But they say that's not their experiences. And this video will prove it.

Dude. Be nice.

Simple words, but a big mission, for this apparel organization that aims to inspire looks, and lifestyles.

Last fall, Dude, be nice brought that mission to Spokane, showing up at Roger High School with an important question.

“Who is somebody that is unrecognized here? Who is somebody that you think is unappreciated?” said Samantha Wynne, a senior at Rogers.

At this school, it's the “lunch bunch.”

“They are so positive and sweet to everybody, and the way they feel for everyone is amazing. They go way above their job titles,” Wynne said. 

For some of these students, the meal they're served at school is the only one they'll get all day. The “lunch bunch” make sure it's a happy one. 

Sometimes, a simple “thank you” doesn't cover it.

So, with the help of Dude, be nice, the Rogers crew went all out with an assembly to honor the “lunch bunch,” and t-shirts for the entire school. But the surprise didn't stop there.

They gave the “lunch bunch” a trip to Northern Quest Casino to express just how “lucky” the school is to have them.

That celebration was in November. The video went public Friday.

Now, almost every week, the school comes together to recognize a student, group, or teacher who makes a difference.

A reminder that it doesn't matter how much money you have or where you come from. It doesn't cost a thing to say thank you.

“I think the students here don't understand why we have such a bad rep,” said Karrie Docterman, a teacher at Rogers. “Because going to this school, the kids feel like they're part of a family.”

Check out the full video here.