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Rockwood Clinic hosts Mammogram Party

Rockwood Clinic hosts Mammogram Party

SPOKANE, Wash. - More than 300,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. And while that number is way too high, the mortality rate from the disease has dropped by nearly forty percent in the last three decades.

The Rockwood Breast Health Center held a Mammo Party Thursday, where women are getting screenings.

Mammograms are still the most important tool to use in early detection against breast cancer.

For most women, yearly exams begin at the age of forty.

But for those with other risk factors like family history, an earlier first menstrual period, and having your first child after the age of thirty, mammograms might be done even sooner.

“Mammograms can sometimes pick up a breast cancer detection two years before you can feel it so we want to be ahead of the curve in detecting breast cancer,” said Jeanne Robison, with Multicare Rockwood Prevention Clinic. “So in high risk women we are going to use different tools on a different timeline.”

So what else can you do if you think you are at a higher risk?

Compiling a list of family members who have dealt with all kinds of cancers and bringing it to your doctor is a great start.

They can discuss options for genetic testing with you, and schedule more than just a yearly mammogram by adding procedures like a breast MRI.

For women who are done bearing children, there is medication that can reduce your risk by fifty percent.

If you missed Thursday's Mammo Party, you still have another opportunity this Monday.