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Riverfront Park moves forward with next phase of developments

SPOKANE, Wash. - Now that the ice ribbon is complete, the next big phases of the $64 million redevelopment will begin, including the completion of the Howard Street Bridge, the Looff Carrousel, and the U.S. Pavilion just north of the river.

They have a lot of work to do but they have already made some great progress on those projects. 

“The Looff Carrousel is such a beloved treasure for Spokane,” said Fianna Dickson. “It's over 100 years old and the old building didn't do it justice for a couple of reasons. It wasn't climate controlled so those antique horses were going to suffer over time, and you could just drive by and not even notice it was there.”

While the actual carousel itself is in, its new housing won't be complete until this coming spring, a space that should really help it shine.

“This new building, we call it a jewel box because it is glass, it's light, and it's going to highlight that carousel in a way that it has never been highlighted before,” Dickson said.

North of the carousel is the U.S. pavilion and home of the old ice palace. The City knows Spokane families and visitors alike have made some real memories there. They hope the new design will continue and enhance that legacy, a possible home for things like Nike Center Court, concerts, or food and beer festivals.

“The master plan for the pavilion really called for it to be a lantern in the community,” said Dickson. “That's what you see reflected in the lighting design. I think you will be able to see it from miles around and we are really looking for it to be a multi-use event center.”

While that's happening in 2018, the city will also complete the new north promenade that will serve as the grand entrance to the park, as well as the new playground located on the north banks of the river. The entire renovation should be complete in mid to late 2019.