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Rise in gas prices expected in Harvey aftermath

SPOKANE, Wash. - Despite being so far removed from the devastation currently being felt in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, the impact of Hurricane Harvey is expected to be felt across the nation and in Spokane.

The storm and ensuing flooding shut down a number refineries in Corpus Christi and Houston region that experts say account for 3 billion barrels of the US's daily 18 billion barrel refinery capacity.
Experts say nationwide gas prices are likely to go up, setting new two year highs as they do.
The state of Washington sits in a bit of an unknown as far as how gas prices may change because of where our gas comes from. The state does most of its own refining and gets its supply from Montana, Alaska and Canada, protecting it somewhat from the impacts of the storm.  
However, we aren't protected entirely as a state. If the flooding continues down in Texas and refineries are not able to get back up and running, it's likely that states that rely on the gulf will pull from the West Coast's resources to account for the loss of production.
According to GasBuddy.com, as of Monday, Spokane's average cost for a gallon of gas was up 3 cents from the week prior at $2.82, and up over 12 cents compared to a month ago.
Jim Redmon, who heads up Divine's Auto Repair Shops in Spokane, says he has two recommendations for those looking to save some money at the pump.
"Check your tire pressure, with the heat they will likely be over inflated, but over inflated is better than under inflated," he says. "Check you're air filter too. If your car can't get the right amount of oxygen, then your car won't run right and that mean it is going to pull more fuel."
The American Automobile Association also recommends taking any storage containers or bikes off your car. They will decrease a car's aerodynamics.
AAA also recommends not jack-rabbiting and with the current heat they say drive with your air condition on instead of opening the windows to reduce overall drag.