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Red Lion Hotels builds life-size gingerbread house

SPOKANE, Wash. - Red Lion Hotels is in the process of building a life-size gingerbread house to raise money for the charity Blessings under the Bridge.

When it opens Friday morning, people will actually be able to go inside and walk around the gingerbread house, with the option of buying baked goods. All of the funds will then go to charity.

Executive Chef at Red Lion Hotels, Ricky Webster, is the brain, and the hands, behind the idea.

He says he was looking for a way to bring the spirit of the holidays to life.

“It's a magical time and people come together of every background, and to be able to create something that's a focal point to gather people together,” said Webster. “I just can't to see the look on kid's faces and adult faces alike.”

Webster says they've been baking the gingerbread dough since September. When the house comes down at the end of the season, they'll be donating all that cookie to pig farmers.