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Recovery Cafe users excited for Extreme Team renovations

SPOKANE, Wash. - The KXLY 4 Extreme Team is getting close to finishing its work at the Recovery Cafe.
The Recovery Cafe helps people get into recovery and stay there. The Extreme Team is giving the building a makeover, and will reveal the renovations on Thursday.
The building isn't large, but for many, it's a home away from home.
"It was like that moment when you know that you have found the place for you," said Belle Dean, who visits Recovery Cafe.
Dean says after moving to Spokane, she was walking along the river in Glover Park, when she found the building. Since then, she's been a member of the Recovery Cafe family.
"It's in such a relaxed atmosphere, you know, you talk and talking is one of the most important things to recover and stay in recovery," she said.
Dean has been in recovery for 33 years, and says the Recovery Cafe is unlike any other center she's visited before. She says in this building, everyone feels accepted.
"They need acceptance. And when you get that, it's so much easier," she said.
Membership to the Recovery Cafe is free and open to everyone. The programs are designed to help reduce relapses, provide support for people in recovery and connect those people to resources and a support system.
And the KXLY 4 Extreme Team makeover will hopefully make their mission even more appealing to recovering addicts, or those who are looking for help.
Tuesday, the team worked on getting new siding done, new wiring and laying concrete.
Dean says she hopes the new changes will attract even more people who are looking to get into recovery.
"If you're looking for joy in your heart, Recovery Cafe is the place to come," she said.