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City patches potholes, encourages conversation

SPOKANE, Wash. - "It's definitely kind of been smooth sailing. It's been nice," claimed Julianne Hamilton, manager of Wake Up Call Espresso on 5th and Freya.

For weeks, the coffee shop has been surrounded by roads covered in potholes in every direction. Today, while certain areas remain bumpy, there's a marked improvement.

"It didn't feel like it took the city very long to do something about it. They just kinda got it taken care of once we started talking about it!" said Hamilton.

Conversations about potholes are encouraged by the city.

"It's always very helpful when our citizens let us know when there's a pothole we might not have seen, or one that reopened up," explained Marlene Feist, City of Spokane.

This improvement comes five days after Mayor David Condon announced a refocus of the city's resources towards the potholes, claiming they'd spare no expense. While there's still plenty of work to be done, Wake Up Call customers are not complaining as much.

"Less pothole talk, which is nice," smiled Hamilton. "Now if the city can do something about the snow, that'd be great."