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Pollen Season is upon us

SPOKANE, Wash. - Every spring, when the sun comes out, so do the allergies.

For most, it appears the enjoyment that comes from the sun outweighs the price of allergies acting up.

"I just kind of suffer through it," described Brendon Patterson, who battles allergies every Spring.  "You can't like let it control you. Gotta go outside and get stuff done."

Brendon's resilient attitude seems to be popular.

Fortunately, for most, that resilience means tolerating a little congestion or a runny nose.

"Luckily a lot of, the majority of people have milder allergies," explained Steven Kernerman, an Allergist with the Spokane Allergy and Asthma clinic. "However, we'll see some people that will miss work, they don't feel well, they can't go outside. They can't enjoy what is finally a pleasant time of the year."

If this describes you or a loved one, you should consider visiting an allergist - but then again - how can we be sure what we're feeling is an allergic reaction and not a run-of-the-mill cold or flu?

"Usually a common head cold is over in five to seven days, if you find it's lasting more than 7 days, it is most likely an allergy," said Dr. Cassandra Mahan-Richards, who heads the Allergy Center of Rockwood.

Ultimately, it comes down to an individual choice for those of us that suffer from Spring time allergies; stay cooped up inside, or sacrifice some side affects for some sunshine.