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Police remove nuisance neighbor

Police remove nuisance neighbor

SPOKANE, Wash. - Drugs, violence, and late night commotion - that's what a group of neighbors along West Gordon Street say they've put up with for the last 12 years. On Thursday, peace finally arrived to the otherwise quiet neighborhood thanks to a court order and Spokane Police. 

"We all feel a huge relief, we never thought this day would happen," said a woman named Annelise, whose 78-year-old mother lived next door to the nuisance neighbor. In September, after living in her home for 30 years, Annelise's mother had enough and moved out. 

Neighbors have had issues with the home since 2005. 

"Different people come and go constantly. There's been drug activity, there's been stabbings, there's been stealing, there's been a lot of activity at nighttime when this neighborhood is quiet at nighttime," said Annelise. 

Since 2015, Spokane police have responded to 56 calls from the house. 

"Different types of criminal activity. Drug activity, litter and rubbish, noise and other behaviors," said John O'Brien with the Spokane Police Department. 

Over the last few years, neighbors worked together in documenting everything they witnessed. They held several meetings with their neighborhood resource officer to come up with a permanent solution. 

"We've been writing down license plates - numerous pieces of paper - I mean, we've all just been looking out our windows and doing what we have to take care of this because we're sick of it," said Annelise. 

Their hard work resulted in police serving a nuisance abatement order Thursday. The man inside was told to pack his belongings and leave - the house was later boarded up. 

"He has had adequate notice and time to remedy this and he hasn't - so now, this is what we have to do," said Devin Curda with the Spokane City Attorney's Office. 

"These neighbors were very bold, very brave. They filed affidavits, sworn statements, testifying about the impact this house had against them," said Curda. 

The man still owns the home, but it will likely be sold since he can no longer return.