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Police investigating rape of runaway girl

The Spokane Police Department is investigating the rape of a 10-year-old girl by a client of a group home for teens.

According to the probable cause documents obtained by KXLY4 News, the victim said rape occurred on Saturday by a 13-year-old boy.

The two were living at Excelsior Youth Center in the Indian Trail neighborhood of Spokane. The victim had been living at Excelsior for the past month after being taken from her mother's custody.

The victim sneaked out of Excelsior with a friend and went to a nearby abandoned house on N. Indian Trail Road to stay the night. The next morning, the 13-year-old suspect joined them at the house, and forcibly raped the 10-year-old girl multiple times, threatening to kill her if she didn't comply.

The victim and her friend returned to Excelsior and reported the incident to a staff member. At that point, the police were contacted and the victim was taken to the hospital.

The Excelsior Youth Center is no stranger to police activity. According to a Spokesman Review article from 2014, there were “110 calls per month to police by the Excelsior Youth Center” since the previous year, prompting then-Spokane City Attorney Nancy Isserlis to claim “Excelsior is the largest single consumer of law enforcement resources for the Spokane Police Department.”

Andrew Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Excelsior Youth Center says most of their clients are no longer living with their parents and in foster care. Clients are sent to the center by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services for treatment.

Because most clients are wards to the state, Excelsior can not legally prevent them from leaving the facility.

When the staff realized the 10-year-old victim was missing on Christmas Eve, they reported her as a runaway to Crime Check.
Hill says Excelsior is working with the Spokane Police Department to speed up response to reports of "endangered runaways" like the alleged victim.
Excelsior recently worked with the Spokane Police Department to shut down two nearby homes that were serving as undesirable hangouts for the center's clients.
Hill says 25 members of his staff have worked for Excelsior for more than 40 years and are committed to improving their client's mental health, self-esteem, and safety.


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