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Paintings stolen from Clinkerdagger during business hours

Paintings stolen from Clinkerdagger...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Thieves stole two pictures from the foyer of Clinkerdagger restaurant last Thursday evening during business hours. 

General Manager Debi Moon said that as a manger realized one of their big pictures was gone, a man and a woman came in and grabbed another piece of art, right in front of management.

Employees tried to chase them, but the pair got away. The pair were, however, caught on security footage.

Moon said they just want their paintings back, and for the thieves to be held accountable. 

“Those paintings are not of a big value if they want to sell them, but they've been here for 43 years,” said Moon. “They've hung on our wall since 1974. They're a piece of Clinkerdagger. And if they can just come in when there's people standing right there ,what are they going to do five years from now.”

Moon says a police report has been filed.