WA will take a look at legalizing home grows for recreational marijuana

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Earlier this year the WA legislature told the State Liquor and Cannabis Board to study regulatory options for recreational marijuana home grows and give its recommendations and findings to the legislature by December 1, 2017. 

That report is now out with the LCB giving the legislature three options on how to implement home grows. Here they are in a very watered down explanation. 

Option 1 - Tightly Regulated Recreational Home Grows - State Framework 

Essentially the state would create rules on home grows which include permit and tracking of plants through the state. Enforcement jurisdiction would be shared between the WSLCB and local authorities. There would be a maximum limit on plants of four per household. 

Option 2 - State Statute Framework, Local Authority Recreational Home Grows 

Very similar to option one with local authorities using the state based framework on permits and plant tracking. Counties and cities will then authorize control and enforce rules. Once again, no more than four plants would be allowed per household. 

Option 3 - Prohibit Recreational Home Grows 

You can read the final report by clicking here