Retailers open doors to shoppers Thanksgiving night

SPOKANE, Wash. - Tons of retailers will open early Friday morning for black Friday shoppers, but plenty of the big box stores opened Thursday night claiming the first in the doors would get the best deals of all.

Shopko, Target and Best Buy are just a few of several stores leading the trend of opening late Thanksgiving day to offer black Friday deals.

"If you want the deals then you have to play the game, " said Karen Hoch, shopping at Best Buy, "So I played the game tonight."

Best Buy opened its doors at 5 p.m. To a huge line of eager shoppers. Hoch arrived just after the crowd was let in and scored a great deal on a t.v. And a modem.

Hoch was also still able to enjoy her thanksgiving with family.

"Right before I came here we had dinner and I just snuck out and came here and I'll get back in time for dessert," said Hoch.

Other shoppers shifted their holiday plans until after they nabbed their deals.

"I've got turkey dinner waiting at home. That's where I'm going right after this place," said Jordan Yzaguirre, the first in line at Best Buy.

Yzaguirre camped out at 10 Thursday morning, "I'm here to get a new tv, a Toshiba. They have it on sale for about $200 today," he said.

While many shoppers walked away satisfied, some say the whole black Friday thing starting on Thursday has gotten out of hand.

"It takes away from the holiday I think," said Hoch.