How to smoothly get through the TSA lines this holiday season

How to smoothly get through the TSA lines this holiday season

SPOKANE, Wash. - AAA says nearly 50 million people are traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, yet many of them traveling by air still question what they can and cannot bring on board.

If you have ever debated what you can or cannot pack in your baggage, now you can simply snap a picture or tweet to ask TSA or send it via Facebook messenger and the team will get back to you promptly with an answer.

Some travelers went to Instagram to ask TSA what they can bring on board.

Can you bring several homegrown lemons as your carry on? Yes, this is allowed by TSA. What about this baking sheet? TSA says "sure, no problem." How about a batarang? TSA says no, this will have to be put into your checked luggage.

Millions of travelers will get their luggage through TSA security lines, while thousands of items will get left behind, from jackets, laptops, to cell phone chargers.

In January 2014, officials at the Spokane Airport said about 2,250 items are left behind, and about 200 items of property are returned to airport.

A quarter of what's lost gets back to its owner. The rest of the unclaimed items in Washington end up going up for sale in a surplus shop near Olympia.

"We also get cork screws, but we get so many of those, but we keep them in different location," says David Baker, Operations Manager.

Some items confiscated by TSA are not for sale. Every item will make you ask what in the world were they thinking trying to get this on a plane?

"Throwing knives, straight razor, a gun," Baker adds.

If you fly this holiday season, remember you can bring hard boiled eggs in your carry on, but leave the 4 bladed throwing star at home.