Grangeville mourning trio killed in weekend crash

GRANGEVILLE, Idaho - Grangeville crash vo

The community of Grangeville, Idaho is in mourning after three teens were killed in a crash south of town when the driver lost control and hit a tree.

Bright flowers and pictures mark the spot where those teens lost their lives, a spot Juston Lindsley has visited 10 times since Saturday.

"I feel obligated to go up there and say 'Hey man, how's it going. I sure miss you,'" Lindsley said.

Juston's best friend, Justin Dempsey died in the crash along with James McColloch and Lelah Layman.

"I still call his phone. I still don't believe it," Lindsley said.

Neither can the tight-knit community of just over 3,000.

"Bad stuff happens in our world, it does happen and I don't know that we have the answer to why but what we do have the answer to is you don't have to do it alone," Stephanie Jordan at the Grangeville Christian Church.

Local churches organized a vigil over the weekend to help console friends and family.

"Young kids that just had the world in front of them. You know? Their lives in front of them. Heartbreak for their families," Jordan said.

Layman loved SuperCross and rode as often as possible. Dempsey's friends described him as a ball of fun. All three will be missed.

"No matter what it was he always put others before himself," Lindsley said.

McColloch was driving the truck when it crashed and there is speculation on what caused the accident but one thing is for sure.

"It's the death of dreams, it's the death of plan it's, I think that's really hard for all of us to take," Jordan said.

Now along with emerging emotions of shock, disbelief, grief and sadness Grangeville will hold three funerals in one week, when best friends will have to stay goodbye.

"I miss him a lot," Lindsley said.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.