North Idaho

Two earthquakes rock North Idaho

SANDPOINT, Idaho - The Inland Northwest was rocked by two earthquakes on Thursday night, both which had epicenters in North Idaho.

"I heard a sound and then felt it a little bit," said Allura Livingston, who was performing in a play in Sandpoint when the first one hit. "I thought like a lightbulb blew or something until someone was like, 'Oh my gosh that was just an earthquake.'"

According to United States Geological Survey, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit just southeast of Sandpoint near Lake Pend Oreille at 7:32 p.m. Their website shows that more than 350 people from 51 area codes reported feeling shaking.

A second earthquake occurred just hours later and north of Sandpoint's quake. According to USGS, at 10:43  p.m. a magnitude 4.2 hit near Ponderay. Their website shows almost 600 people from 75 zip codes said they felt it.

"I did feel a little bit of shaking and it wasn't anything major, but it was definitely something there," Gabriel Marithew said.

People in areas as far south as Orofino and all the way up to the Canadian border, as well as in Washington with residents Colville and Spokane reporting feeling movement.

"It felt like the seats were shaking, I mean it felt like a base," Jo Livingston, Allura's grandmother said. "I thought something was wrong with the speakers because we were in watching a play, but I could feel it."

No damage has been reported.