North Idaho

Surveillance video clues may help catch murder suspects

POST FALLS, Idaho - Investigators report they have no new leads in William "Bo" Kirk's murder, but surveillance video is offering detectives some of their best clues to the identity of the killers.

KXLY4 viewers have picked up on some important evidence.

Several people have texted or Tweeted us to point out that the driver of Kirk's pickup truck appears to be wearing surgical scrubs underneath their heavy, bulky clothing. That might be significant, because Kirk worked at a Post Falls hospital.

On Wednesday, Post Falls Police and the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office called a news conference knowing they would not be able to answer many questions about how and why Bo Kirk was killed.

"One of the things I want to say right off the bat is that this is an active investigation and there are a lot of details that we can't discuss right now," Post Falls Police Chief Scott Hoag said at the press conference.

For example, detectives won't discuss Mr. Kirk's cause of death. That's because, believe it or not, crack pots actually call investigators to claim the have knowledge of a case, but if they can't provide specific details about what killed Kirk, the cops know someone's wasting their time.

Fortunately, investigators have received more than 300 helpful tips since Kirk disappeared

"That's what helps solve these type of cases, is us working together as a community," said Chief Hoag.

Thousands of people have taken a look at the released surveillance video as the suspects make two withdrawals from Kirk's bank account. The driver has a package of Marlboro reds in his pocket. Only 17 percent of us are still smoking. That brand of smokes might be a clue to his identity.

The passenger appears to be wearing a snowboard hat with a pair of light colored bands at the top and bottom. Later on in the video, the passenger fidgets with a box they remove from the back seat, although the withdrawn cash appears to end up in their coat pocket.

The suspects spend three minutes at the ATM and then something else happens

"We know there's a red car right behind Mr. Kirk's pickup and we would like to talk to the occupants of that car. We think they are a witness and we'd like to hear anything they have to say," said Kootenai County Sheriff Ben Wolfinger.

It's not much to go on, but if you know someone who smokes Marlboro reds and suddenly seems flush with cash, or somebody who might have flash burns on their skin from torching Kirk's truck, the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office would like to hear from you.