North Idaho

Man calls 911 to report he was overcharged on his bar tab

911 calls over $30 bar tab could cost Post Falls man $1,000 in fines, year in jail

POST FALLS, Idaho - A Post Falls man faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for calling 911 twelve times early Monday morning. His emergency: He thought a bar overcharged him for his beer.

"He was demanding that the place he got kicked out of didn't over charge him for him being down there," Post Falls Police Captain Pat Knight said.

According to the police report, Phillip Poissonnier was kicked out of Club Tequila around 1:13 a.m. An officer responded to give him a courtesy ride home, but apparently that wasn't enough.

"He had been intoxicated, so we gave him a ride home and shortly after we started receiving 911 calls from him," Knight said.

He made twelve calls in total. The first was an unusual request; at 1:38 a.m. he called 911 because he wanted officers to come back to his residence on E Park Ridge Loop to discuss his bar tab. Seven minutes later, he called again, this time asking when the officer would be at his home.

"We were responding to a prowler call and while we're on the prowler call, he's calling 911 making sure he's not overcharged," Knight said.

Poissonnier called 911 twice and hung up. He also called 911 and put his phone up the radio three times. He even managed to tell a dispatcher that she's "just like his ex wife," then hung up.

"Really started to take away from other citizens in the city who really have an emergency," Knight said.

At Club Tequila a bartender showed Possonnier's receipts, which show he was only charged $30 for the 10 beers that he ordered, which is a much smaller tab than what he could face now that's he been issued a misdemeanor citation for misusing 911.

"The consequences can be a $1,000 fine and year in jail, or both," Knight said.

The moral of the story: Pay your bar tab and behave properly, as it will probably cost you less at the end of the night.