North Idaho

Kootenai County Jail housing 130 inmates over capacity

KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho - The Kootenai County Jail has reached an all-time high inmate population, as of Wednesday, July 5.

A total of 457 inmates are in custody, which means there are 130 more than the current jail capacity. Almost 78% of all inmates are in custody on one or more felony charges.

Work is currently underway to add an addition to the jail. Kootenai County Commissioners have approved the expansion for 114 beds to be finished with space available to complete an additional 108 beds in the future.

Currently, the jail moves inmates out to four other counties at a minimum cost of $60 per day per inmate. A report by the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office showed 77 inmates currently housed out of county.

The Sheriff's Office is currently hiring deputies to work in the jail. For more information, visit the Sheriff's Office website or Kootenai County Human Resources website.