North Idaho

K27 Central your status?

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - "K27 Central your status?"

The simple phrase, from a police dispatcher to a Coeur d'Alene police officer, asking how they were doing. Only this call would go unanswered.


It's 1:35 a.m. Tuesday and a police dispatcher is trying to contact badge number K27, Sergeant Greg Moore. Less than five minutes before Moore called in about a suspicious person walking down the street.

"Renfro … Robert Edward Nora Frank Robert Ocean … first Jonathan," Moore said minutes before, calling in Renfro's identification for a check of his information, a routine warrant check.

It was Moore's final words.

Moments later a woman called police.

"I'm pulling it up now we have a subject on land line two somebody is laying in the street. No response from K27," the dispatcher said.

"Central based on the call of someone laying in the street get medical headed this way," an officer calls out to dispatch, which, in turn, continued to try and raise Moore.

"Copy stand by for call to K27. (long beep) K27 Central on channel one, your status."


"K27 Central on channel one, your status."


A few minutes later a call from another officer confirms he has found Moore.

"Central 45 I'm out with him, Timberlake, we've got bleeding to the head, his car is gone," the officer reported.

"51 ambulance response for an officer down Timberlake Loop, West Wilbur Avenue," dispatch called out over the radio.

With medics on the way to Moore's location the search for the gunman began.

"We're in pursuit westbound, approaching Pleasantview, speeds of approximately 120-130 miles an hour," one officer reported, as officers, deputies and state police converged on Post Falls to find that man who shot one of their own.

"Get all units out that direction," one officer calls.

"Keep in mind there's probably long guns in that PD car," another calls.

It ends up being Post Falls Police that locates Moore's patrol car.

"Requesting response to Pleasantview Road and Point Parkway. The vehicle is stopped at that location. Post Falls is requesting help with a perimeter set up."

A wide perimeter is set up with police blocking off exits to I-90.

Then, two and a half hours after Sgt. Moore was shot, police located the suspected gunman, Jonathan Renfro said.

"We found the male in the Walmart field by three semi trailers. Were going to need medical for this gentleman for a dog bite."

Nearly two hours of scanner traffic that began with an ID check and ended with a high speed pursuit, a manhunt and the shooting suspect in custody.

Finally, 15 hours after dispatchers asked how he was doing, the Coeur d'Alene Police Department shared the heartbreaking news with the entire Inland Northwest about K27's final status.