North Idaho

Car stolen from Meals on Wheels volunteers

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Coeur d'Alene Police are on the lookout for a car that was stolen from volunteers while they were out delivering meals to the elderly.

A couple left their keys in the car as they ran in to quickly deliver food during their Meals on Wheels route.  In those few minutes they were inside, someone took off with their car.
On Wednesday, Kim and David Wanecke were on their regular Meals on Wheels delivery route.
"We've been at this for two years," David said.
It was a hot day, and they were in a hurry. They left their things in the car as they went to deliver a few meals.
"We told [the woman we were delivering the meal to] we had to get going, keep it short today because I had a dentist appointment," David said, "so we were in there maybe a minute and a half, two minutes."
When they came out, their car was gone.
"It was just such a shock," Kim said. "At first, it was like, I can't believe [it]. Where's our car?"
And it wasn't just their car. The thieves got away with Kim's purse, the remaining meals, their garage key, and their cellphones.
"It's very scary and very sad," said Meals on Wheels Coordinator Kris Wright, "and all my Meals on Wheels people, all my clients, their addresses were exposed, their phone numbers."
Wright says nothing like this has ever happened, and everyone involved feels violated.
"Steal a car from Meals on Wheels?" she said in disbelief, "and it had a sticker on the side of their door. It said, 'Meals on Wheels.'"
She says she feels for Kim and David, and for the elderly people Meals on Wheels serves.
"[The clients] were very upset that their information was out there and they're vulnerable," she said. "They're home-bound."
Kim and David have spent the last few days getting their life back together; canceling credit cards, changing their locks, and getting new phones. They say they wouldn't wish something like this on anyone.
"It's hard to concentrate on anything, we're not even focused," they said. "You go to do something, 'what was I going to do?' You keep flashing back to it."
They say they learned a hard lesson, but  this won't keep them from volunteering for Meals on Wheels.
The car is a 2010 gray four-door Acura RDX with Idaho plates K596623. It has a Meals on Wheels sticker in the rear window.

If you have any information about this crime or you see the car, call  the Coeur d'Alene Police Department at (208)769-2320.