North Idaho

Bo Kirk murder has hallmarks of an inside job

POST FALLS, Idaho - The search for a missing Hayden man took a deadly turn at a cold and wet shooting range in North Idaho.

The body of William "Bo" Kirk, 41, was discovered at the Hayden Creek Shooting Range on Tuesday afternoon. What was previously a missing persons investigation is now being called a homicide.

Wednesday, investigators released new surveillance video that shows at least two people sitting inside Kirk's stolen truck as they withdrew money from his bank account on the night he vanished after leaving work.

A doctor at Northwest Specialty Hospital told investigators he saw Kirk leaving work at 7:05 p.m. Saturday. Just 90 minutes later, someone else was using Kirk's stolen credit card. We now know kirk's disappearance was not a random, spur of the moment crime.

The latest surveillance video from U.S. Bank shows two people inside Kirk's stolen pickup truck. The identities of both of them concealed by gloves, hats, and heavy clothing.

 "One of the things I want to say right off the bat is that this an active investigation and there are a lot of details that we can't discuss right now," Post Falls Police Chief Scot Haug said during a press conference on Wednesday.

For example, investigators will say the body of a man who was found near Hayden Creek on Tuesday is Bo Kirk, but they won't say how he died, only that he was murdered.

Kirk must have been killed almost immediately. His burning truck found just 57 minutes after the suspects were seen withdrawing money from a Hayden ATM.

"The autopsy is being done as we speak," said Kootenai County Sheriff Ben Wolfinger at the aforementioned press conference. "Detectives are there at the autopsy hoping to collect evidence that will help us find who's responsible for this."

This case has the hallmarks of an inside job.

Whoever is responsible is very familiar with Kirk's routine and Kootenai County. It appears Kirk was abducted, killed, and his bank account looted, all within two hours and 38 minutes.

There's a potential witness out there. Someone in a red car who's parked right behind the killers as they used the U.S. Bank in Hayden Saturday night.

"We're also asking businesses in the area, particularly Government Way, Hayden area, of any video or surveillance tape from Saturday evening during those hours, if you'd review that, we know we have the bank's, but any other video we would certainly like to see." said Wolfinger.

The sheriff also hopes that hunters who have set up some game cameras in the Hayden Creek area might have caught a glimpse of the killers as they dumped Mr. Kirk's body.

Investigators won't say whether or not they believe other people are in danger. They do say that stranger to stranger murders in Kootenai County are very rare. The last time it happened was when Joseph Duncan attacked the Groene family.