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No-Li sells shirts to fundraise for family that lost daughter in house fire

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - The community support keeps pouring in for a family who lost their baby girl this week in a house fire.

Three-year-old Latoya Bables-Paradise was not able to escape the fire Sunday morning. Her siblings and parents got out okay, but lost everything.

So many people have contacted us asking us how they can help this family, and next week you can do that by visiting No-Li brewery.

They will be selling t-shirts that say "Spokane has heart."

The shirts were designed by Chris Bovey who partnered with No-Li and Giant Screen Printing to make this event happen.

On Sunday, Kayla Paradise and Curtis Bables lost their three-year-old daughter and all of their belongings in a house fire.

They're now staying in a hotel, but say they will be homeless when their Red Cross assistance ends in just a few days.

But No-Li says that in times of trouble, Spokane is a community that can make a big difference.

Shirt designer Chris Bovey said, “we just did it because we believe that Spokane actually does have heart. When it comes to an event or a crisis like this, people rally around their neighbors and they're always there to be able to help each other."

They are hoping to raise money so the family can find a place to live and afford new clothes and belongings.

The family says they have nothing left after this fire.

You can buy the "Spokane has heart" shirts Monday and Tuesday at No-Li Brewhouse on E. Trent between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Shirts will cost $40.00 a piece and they have 375 to sell, hoping to raise $15,000. All proceeds will go to the family. Paradise and Bables said they also hope to use funds to give Latoya a proper funeral.