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New psychiatric hospital set to open in 2018

SPOKANE, Wash. - A new psychiatric hospital under construction in Spokane reached a new milestone Friday.

The new hospital is being built to meet the growing demand for behavioral health services here in Spokane. Providence, who's building the hospital in partnership with Fairfax Behavioral Health, says their current facility is almost always at capacity and they often aren't able to take any new patients.

But Friday, the new hospital reached its topping off point, meaning the last structural steel beam was installed on the three story building.

When completed, the hospital will be able to hold 100 patients.

It will cost $29 million, which in addition to patient space, will include a gym, kitchen, and courtyard.

Providence says the typical length of stay at the hospital will be about 10 days, filling a big need for the city.

“There is just a tremendous need in our community for the capacity for behavioral health patients, so it's important on a variety of fronts, but mainly to help our community have more capacity for these people who need help,” said Bill Bouten, President of Bouten Construction Company.

And Providence says for perspective, about 5 percent of the population has a behavioral health need nationwide. Here in Spokane, it is significantly higher, at 8 percent.

Construction on the hospital will continue through likely August of next year and be open for service in September.