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Neighbors shocked about Blanchard shooting

BLANCHARD, Idaho - We still don't know exactly what happened when two deputies went to serve a search warrant Monday in Blanchard, Idaho. Those deputies were each shot several times.

On Tuesday they were identified as 53-year-old Michael Gagnon and 30-year-old Justin Penn.

Police say they were fired at by 30-year-old Adam Foster, who was also shot. All three were still being treated at Kootenai Health Tuesday night.

Deputies were still investigating the scene on Tuesday, hindering news crews' access to the area. However, KXLY4 did speak with some neighbors who heard it all go down. KXLY4 also spoke with others who say they knew Foster well and can't believe this happened.

On a small street in Blanchard, Idaho, violence rocked the usually quiet neighborhood.

“It was just 'pow pow pow pow pow pow.' So, i don't know how long that is. And then silence, then there was nothing,” said neighbor Debbie Bohn.

As deputies attempted to arrest Foster, he opened fire on them.

“We're a little bit used to gunfire going 'bang.' You can hear real loud rifle fire. But, yesterday, that was different,” explained neighbor Russell Bohn.

The details of the shooting are still not clear, but those who knew Foster said they're shocked.

“He's always been a good kid” said Foster's friend Tom Larson. “Never been in a lot of trouble. I think he was having some mental issues maybe that needed to be addressed.”

Larson lived across the street from Foster and his family. He said he feels horrible for what happened, but hopes his friend receives sympathy in court.

“I hope they have a little bit of compassion on him, because like I said, he is a good kid and I think he had some issues that needed to be taken care of,” said Larson.

But Russell Bohn said the minute Foster allegedly pulled a gun on deputies, the outcome wasn't going to be good.

“To me, to do that to a police officer, you're gonna lose. You're gonna lose,” said Russell.

Now, neighbors are ready for this neighborhood to get back to normal.

“We never would have expected anything like that up here,” said Russell.

Deputies said this is still very early in the investigation. We hope to learn more about what exactly happened here on Mountain View Road in the coming days.