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Neighbor reports seeing cougar in Spokane Valley

Neighbor reports seeing cougar in...

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - The Central Valley School District is warning parents to be alert after a cougar was reportedly spotted in Spokane Valley.

A neighbor reported seeing that cougar just south of Highway 27 and 32nd Ave. The report was made Wednesday morning.

The Central Valley School District was made aware of the sighting and sent a letter to parents as a precaution. No on else reported seeing the cougar, but some neighbors who live in the area say they aren't shocked.

"I've heard rumors of it before," said Roger Biddiscomb. "I do a lot of walking around here and I've never spotted one."

It's rare to spot a cougar, and even more rare that a cougar would attack. But, if you happen to spot a cougar, there are some things you can do to keep you and your family safe.

First, stop, stand tall and don't run. If you have children with you, you should also pick them up. While it may be obvious, don't approach the animal. You should also try to make yourself seem as large as possible. And if the cougar appears to be aggressive, yell, wave your arms and throw rocks.