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Multiple Spokane residents fall victim to Apple scam

Multiple Spokane residents fall...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane County Sheriff's Office has received multiple reports of scammers, posing as Apple employees, claiming that people's internet has been hacked.

The scammers disguise their numbers as the downtown Spokane's Apple store. This is a tactic known as “phone spoofing,” where scammers hope that when you recognize a local number, you'll be more inclined to pick up the call.

On October 12, a victim in her 70's said a man called her the day before, claiming her Apple Account was hacked but that he could fix it for a fee. The man told her to go to the store and purchase $800 worth of iTunes gift cards and scan them onto her computer, which she did, giving the man access to her computer and information. The victim said the man used the phone number 844-432-5964.

On October 18, another victim in her 70's reported she also received a call from a man claiming to work for Apple Support, saying Russians had hacked into her system. He told the victim to purchase $200 worth of iTunes gift cards and scan them into her computer, which she did.

A second scammer told this victim the iTunes cards were corrupt and told her to purchase $200 worth more of them. The scammer then told her the second set were not working and that he would send a technician to fix her computer for $300m but that he would send her a $200 check as a partial refund which would arrive that same day. The victim declined the offer. The victim said the two male scammers spoke broken English, and called from the number 844-275-2273.

On October 19, another victim in her 70's got a call from a man claiming to work for Apple. He said her computer had a virus that he would fix if he were given remote access, but someone else in her home turned off the internet router before her information could be stolen. The scammer called from 844-383-4623.

Never allow a person you don’t personally know and completely trust to remotely access your computer (Apple or Windows). Never provide gift card, prepaid credit card or debit/credit card information unless you have independently verified the person/company.