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Middle school students use kites to help teacher with marriage proposal

SPOKANE, Wash. - The end of the school year is winding down, and students at Shaw Middle School in Northeast Spokane let their dreams, plans, and goals soar Tuesday. More than 500 kites helped one teacher's dreams come true.

The students at Shaw Middle School had been working on their kites for the last couple of weeks. But these weren't your normal kites. They were unique to each student, and decorated with their hopes for the future.

“They've been working on the dreams, plans, and goals, and now they get to see them go up into the sky and soar like their dreams are going to soar,” said Shaw Middle School teacher Colleen Farrell.

While these students focused on having fun, eighth graders in Keegan Shorui's class, were focused on helping their teacher in a very special way.

Shorui, a math teacher, made sure his students flew they kites with precision.

“They wanted to get involved so they actually made it grow bigger than I originally planned it to be,” said Shorui.

Shorui's students kites had to fly in perfect order. One out of place kite and the dream, the goal, the plan, came crashing down.

Shorui's special guest arrived just in time to see a special message.

His dream and goal was a marriage proposal, and with the help of his students, he pulled it off.

“That was the joke in class that we had to do it with kids so she couldn't say no,” said Shorui.

And she didn't! It was the perfect end of the school year for a teacher, his students, and their future.

“To bring it all together at the end of the year with the kites and let them sort of see the dreams fly, it was awesome,” said Shorui.