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Memorial outside Freeman HS continues to grow

Community pays respects to shooting...

ROCKFORD, Wash. - It was an emotional day at Freeman High School as the small community woke up and remembered Wednesday's horrific events. They brought flowers, cards, and paid their respects to the student who died.

As the memorial continued to grow off Highway 27 in front of Freeman High School, the stories we heard became more and more tragic.

“We were still at morning recess and the lock down alarm went off and everybody sprinted in the building,” said student Layne Matthews. “And ten minutes later I watched an ambulance pull into the driveway and I was heart broken.”

Freeman students participated in lockdown training Wednesday.

Layne's Grandma Brenda Hoyer hugged Layne and his little sister extra tight Thursday. At the memorial, they delivered something special for Sam and his family.

“This has affected us to our core and we are just behind each and every one of the people that are injured,” said Hoyer.