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Meals on Wheels vehicles vandalized

SPOKANE, Wash. - Vandals are breaking onto property, cutting gas lines on vehicles, emptying tanks, and leaving owners like Meals on Wheels to foot the bill.

"Over the last 6 months our vehicles have been vandalized probably four times," estimated Jerri Horton.

With gas line repairs costing an about $1,200 each trip, Jerri and her charity are beginning to feel the pinch.

"Our maintenance money is gone, so money now is coming from our food budget to fix the vehicles," complained Horton.

What makes the recent spree even tougher to swallow is the vandals have cost thousands of dollars of damage for maybe a couple hundred dollars worth of gas. Unfortunately - as Jerri explains - the problem isn't new.

"Not new at all. But - seems to be worse this year, the vandalism."

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