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Man convicted of 1994 Seattle teacher murder now charged with murder of girlfriend in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - A man convicted of second degree murder in Seattle in 1994 is now in Spokane County Jail, facing the same charges for the 2016 death of his girlfriend.

When he was 24, years old, Darrell Cloud shot and killed a social studies teacher who he said had been abusing him since Cloud was 14. He was released from prison in 2003. He has an arrest for domestic violence in 2009, against his girlfriend, Candy Fealy. Now, he's facing charges again, for causing Fealy's death.

Court documents say Candy Fealy was brought, unconscious, to Deaconess Hospital on April 5, 2012. The man who dropped her off there was later identified by Fealy's brother as Cloud, who Fealy was dating at the time.

Cloud told hospital employees that Fealy had gotten into a “wedding brawl” the Saturday before, and that he'd found her that morning shaking and possibly hypothermic. He then left the hospital, and did not come back.

Fealy was comatose, heavily bruised and had a life threatening blood clot in her brain. Doctors who treated her at Deaconess said it was “unlikely” that her injuries had been sustained at a brawl that supposedly happened five days before.

When interviewed, Cloud told detectives that he'd found Fealy on the floor, unresponsive. He said that she had been in a fight with a woman following her brother's wedding in Tacoma, and that he thought she had hit her head on a counter. On Tuesday, April 3, Cloud said he and Fealy decided to go have a drink at the Lil Big Foot tavern in Spokane. As he was pulling in, Cloud said Fealy saw a woman she knew, and got into a fight with her on the corner of Fiske and Augusta. Cloud said the other woman punched Candy, and then kicked her in the face when she fell to the ground.

When detectives reviewed security footage of the area Cloud described, they saw neither a fight on the corner of Augusta and Fiske, or a car pulling into the lot where Cloud specified he had.

The next morning, he found her unconscious and shaking on the floor. He put her back into bed and tried to warm her up. He notified her parents and her brother. He didn't take Fealy to the hospital until Thursday, April 5.

A month later. Fealy briefly woke from her coma. She was unable to speak, but was able to point to the words “yes” or “no” written on a piece of paper. When Fealy's mother asked her if Cloud had done this to her, Fealy pointed to “yes.” When detectives arrived, they conducted a similar test. She did confirm that she had been in a fight after her brother's wedding. When asked by police if Cloud hit her, she pointed to yes.

Fealy died on July 29, 2016. Spokane County Medical Examiner's Office ruled her death a homicide.

The Seattle Times reports that last week, second degree murder charges were filed against Cloud in Spokane County Superior Court. Cloud was arrested in King County on Tuesday and booked into the Spokane County Jail Wednesday night.