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Local mother's home birth picture goes viral

SPOKANE, Wash. -  A Spokane mom's birth story has gone viral, after she gave birth to an 11 lb baby at home earlier this year.

"I think it's an amazing opportunity to normalize home birth and what our bodies are capable of," said Natalie Bancroft.

On January 8th, Natalie Bancroft gave birth at home to a health baby boy with the help of Spokane River Midwives.  This was the second home birth for Natalie and her family.  This time however, her entire labor and delivery were captured by professional photographer and friend, Laura Fifield.

"As soon as they said he's a boy, I could just see it coming in her face so I was just ready to capture that moment," said Laura Fifield, professional photographer.

"That moment the shocked face the moment we found out it was a little boy. So I think that was my oh my gosh moment," said Bancroft.

That image has now gone viral, with news outlets around the world calling for Bancroft for an interview.

All the attention has caused Laura Fifield's website to crash three times over the past few months.

"It's been crazy.  I's been a little surreal-but so great to see that national outlets have picked up such a positive home birth story," said Fifield.

In all, Natalie was in labor for just four hours.  She didn't have an epidural or need any medical intervention.
"I think for me it was more mind over matter. I knew that my body could handle it.  It was my brain that needed to get through each contraction.  I was surrounded by people that loved me and I knew I was safe," said Bancroft.

Spokane River Midwives said it is honored to be apart of Natalie's birth story.