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Local businesses get creative without access to water

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - Businesses in Airway Heights are waiting anxiously for city crews flush out contaminated water. Hicks Motel manager Claudette Hicks told KXLY her patience is holding up, and she believes the city is doing its best to resolve the issue.

"It seems like they're doing things in a timely manner. It's not like they're dragging their feet on anything because they're working on fixing the situation. You just have to bear with it."

Most businesses never had to worry about where their water came from. But now, ice cubes are more valuable than ever at her family's motel.

"Our ice machine is hooked up to city water so we can't use our ice machine, so it's just more work, that's about it. It's just like anything else, you got a crisis, you got more work to do."

Hicks said business hasn't necessarily suffered, but no water means more work for employees, specifically when it comes to gathering clean water.

"The time, the money, gas and everything. It's an extra chore to do everyday."

But perhaps the highest demand for water is at Northern Quest Casino, where thousands of customers pass through each day. Spokeswoman Julie Holland said the casino relies heavily on Pepsi and Culligan to provide water and ice. The casino has made minor changes to its menu. Holland said the city told her that water could be back up and running as early as Thursday.