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Little Spokane River continues to rise

Little Spokane River continues to rise

 The Little Spokane River was not looking all that little on Wednesday.

At the Wandermere Golf Course you can see the water coming over one of the pathways near hole 16.
Folks we talked to today who have lived here for decades say they haven't seen it this bad in more than twenty years.

Taking in the sights and sounds, the raging Little Spokane brought out amateur photographer Dave Mutton.

“About twenty years ago it was flooded, but now you see the water that has come across the parking lot and the grass,” said Mutton. “The turkeys are running for high ground too.”

Mutton bumped into another neighbor here at Pine Ridge Park. Kamila Hanson and her dog Sarah are making the best of a very wet day.

“She's just loving it,” said Hanson. “She goes in the water no matter how hot or cold it is outside.”

Both say they live above the flood plane and aren't too concerned, but they are worried about neighbors that are in a more serious situation.

“We're above the flood plane, but there is a gentleman up here on Shady Slopes who is battling it out with sandbags,” said Mutton.

Parts of County Roadways are also covered in water.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office reminds drivers to avoid those areas, even if it doesn't look that deep.