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Keep your home 'invasion free' this spider season

Keep your home 'invasion free' this...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spider season has arrived in the Inland Northwest and pest experts say now is the time to prepare your home to keep spiders out - if they haven't already let themselves in.
Raymond Vanderlouw with Pointe Pest Control says spiders, like humans, need food, shelter, and water to survive, and eliminating those needs will keep spiders away.
 A homeowner's first line of defense is to eliminate food, or insects which spiders feed on. Vanderlouw says outdoor lights tend attract insects, and ultimately spiders.
It's also important to remove any piles of debris touching your home - this could include a pile of wood, a stack of old chairs, or anything else spiders and insects can find shelter in. Even unraked leaves can be a cozy spot for spiders and insects. Removing cobwebs on the outside of your house makes it difficult for spiders to establish a home of their own.  
If spiders do happen to creep inside, Vanderlouw says there are safe alternatives to harsh chemicals. Glue boards are a simple fix, and available at most home supply stores. Placing them in inaccessible areas like underneath dressers or night stands will keep them out of reach from kids and pets. Their sticky surface will trap any insect.