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Keep costs down as temperatures rise

SPOKANE, Wash. - We're finally getting a taste of summer temperatures, but as the temps soar, there are a few tips you need to know to keep cool without the cost.

If you aren't sure how to keep the house cool, SNAP offers simple tips to chill out this summer.

Air conditioners are a great way to cool down, but can also increase your energy bill. SNAP says simple maintenance on your unit can stop those costs from rising more.

"Making sure that you clean, service, repair, before you start using them during the summer can actually help maintain your air conditioner unit," said Kim Kreber with SNAP.

But, many people do not have A/C, so what can you do? A simple fan can work well too. Just make sure you use that fan to cool yourself and not the entire room.

Rock salt is a surprising tool that can really easily chill things down. Dissolve that salt in water, freeze it in an ice cube tray, then put those ice cubes in a metal tray.

"If you have that fan, put it right in front of the fan that's cooling yourself, and you have instant A/C," Keber said.

Ceiling fans can also be a good tool. Make sure those fans are set to spin clockwise, which pushes cool air down, rather than making it rise.

For gamers and TV lovers, you might also want to wait until the evening for your favorite activities.

"Maybe you use video games or computers and electronics, try and do those not during the heat of the day and that will help your home as well as yourself kind of stay cool," said Keber.

If you feel that you've tried everything, and your energy bill is still swallowing your cash, give SNAP a call.

"We have a home weatherization program, where we come in and make sure that your home is not leaking any of that nice cold and hot air that we purchase throughout the year," said Keber.