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Karnowski's beard gets own contest

Karnowski's beard gets own contest

SPOKANE, Wash. - One of the most notable things about the Gonzaga squad this year: Karnowski's beard.

Accounting firm Moss Adams in Spokane decided to send some “positive mojo” to Phoenix today. 

They had a contest in their office to see who could come up with the best impersonation of Karnowski's beard.

There were three categories for the contest: Natural Kawnoski (the best natural beard), Mrs. Karnowski (the best female beard), and Overall Karnowski, (best head to toe overall impersonation.

It was a tough competition. They even had me weigh in as an impartial judge.

Moss Adams says there are a lot of Zag fans in the office, and this is a great way to take their mind off work for a few minutes and celebrate and have a good time.

“To get the excuse to wear a beard...and celebrate it, we thought that would be a great way to support the Zags,” said Gregg Amend, Managing Partner of the Spokane Office Moss Adams.

The winner of each category got $100 each.

Gregg at Moss Adams says he thinks the Zags are going all the way this year.