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Jury selected in Renfro murder trial

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - A jury has been selected for the trial of a man accused of killing a Coeur d'Alene police officer two years ago.
Opening statements in Jonathan Renfro's murder trial begin Monday. It took eight days to seat the jury of 16. There will be 12 jurors and 4 alternates.
Renfro is accused of killing Coeur d'Alene Police Sgt. Greg Moore in May 2015. The 29-year-old is charged with first degree murder and could face the death penalty if found guilty.
A gag order has been in place through the trial, and court documents have been sealed, so not much is known about how the state and defense plan to present their case.
Documents have revealed that Renfro confessed to the murder because he was afraid of going back to prison. The killing was also captured on Sgt. Moore's body camera.
Wednesday, a judge ordered that three inmates who were housed with Renfro at the Kootenai County Jail will be transported to the courthouse for trial to testify against Renfro. The three men allegedly have evidence that shows Renfro had planned to escape jail for months and made specific threats to carry out when he was free. Lawyers did not elaborate on what those threats were.
The trial is expected to last six to eight weeks, and if found guilty of murder another penalty trial will begin. That penalty trial would last around two more weeks for jurors to decide if Renfro will be put to death.
Opening statements get underway Monday at 8:30 a.m. The court will allow 20 people to watch the trial each day. If more than 20 people arrive in the morning, the court will use a lottery system to decide who is allowed inside.