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I-90 construction to begin Monday

SPOKANE, Wash. - A WSDOT construction project that will restrict traffic lanes on Interstate 90 will begin Monday.

“What we're going to be working on are some bridge joins and some broken concrete that's on I-90 down in the downtown Spokane area, and it's going to be about a 40 day job,” said Al Gilson with WSDOT.

From May 1 until the end of June, freeway travel from Division St. to Altamont will look a little different.

“We're getting things started on Monday (May 1) with some evening and overnight work, and then in a little over a week we're going to be going to work  24 hours a day, seven days a week. and that's really where people are going to see some challenges,” Gilson said. 

The reason for the construction? Bridge joins and broken concrete are creating bumps in the freeway.

“We really don't like that, our plows snag on them and if you're riding a motorcycle it can be really tricky. So, we need to get these fixed, we were able to get some funding to get them worked on, and we really want to get this job done,” Gilson said.

The four mile project  is scheduled to be wrapped up fairly quickly, but traffic will be jammed for the time being.

“Even with all the lanes, Interstate 90 gets really, really busy and very congested and traffic slows down so imagine that with one less lane for traffic, especially during commute hours,” Gilson said.

This time of year is one of Spokane's busiest, with several college graduations and national events on the calendar. WSDOT says they'll do their best to accommodate that.

“We're going to make sure we have all the lanes open for Bloomsday, all the lanes open for Memorial Day weekend, and all the lanes open for Hoopfest,” Gilson said.

For now, WSDOT asks that drivers consider alternate routes when driving to and from downtown.

“We want people to get to and from downtown, we want them to go shopping, we want them to get to work. So helps us, and look for some alternate routes, and this will be gone in a flash,” Gilson said.

For more information about the construction, and the alternate routes, visit the project website here.