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Hoopfest in need of court monitors, volunteers

SPOKANE, Wash - Hoopfest is looking for several hundred more people to fill volunteer positions before the big weekend.

The organization says it's looking for general volunteers, as well as court monitors. 

"We're looking for two different areas. For court monitors, we're looking for 150. For general volunteers, people in the park, some of the ancillary services we provide, we're down to about 50 to 75 spots left," said Chad Smith, the Hoopfest Volunteer Coordinator. 

And it doesn't matter how familiar you are with the game. Anyone can step out on to a court and be a court monitor. 

"We have courts levels for all different types of abilities. You don't have to be this basketball official to succeed at it. In fact, majority of our court monitors don't have refereeing experience," Smith said. 

"I've never played basketball in, you know, high school, anything, any organized basketball, but I just enjoy sports. I just enjoy being around people that do," said volunteer John Koenig. 

Koenig has been volunteering with Hoopfest for 28 years now.

"I enjoy the people. I think the organization does a lot of good work. And I just enjoy coming back," he said. 

Koenig started during the second ever Hoopfest as a court monitor. He now works on special projects for the operating team. 

"I'm 71 years old, and let me tell you, I don't feel it. It keeps me healthy, it keeps me involved and I just feel good every day," he said. 

And if the thrill of the game isn't enough to get you on the court, you can always look forward to the swag. 

"We set you up with t-shirts, shorts, hat and, of course, some really cool Nike shoes," Smith said. 

Court monitors do need to commit to the whole weekend. Competition will take place on June 30 and July 1. If you would like to volunteer, you can click here

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