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Groups vote to confirm support of N. Monroe Project

SPOKANE, Wash. - The North Monroe Business District and the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council have taken votes of confidence to openly confirm their support for the North Monroe Corridor Project.

The project is officially scheduled to begin construction in 2018.

"This joint show of support is a public reaffirmation of our neighborhood's commitment to this project," said Taylor Phillips, co-chair of the Emerson- Garfield Neighborhood Council. "These improvements to North Monroe with a view to safety, beautification and economic revitalization evolved in large part out of our 2014 neighborhood plan, which was developed over a two-year process with wide-ranging input.

The District had been maintaining a resolutely neutral stance out of respect for the spectrum of opinions among the North Monroe business community, but its voting members ultimately chose to rally behind the improvements.

Both groups will continue to advocate for the success of all businesses along the corridor during the
construction period. Collaborative efforts are currently underway to plan and hold special “open for
business” events and other promotional activities to mitigate the impact of construction.