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Greenacres Elementary opens 20 new classrooms for over 500 students

Greenacres Elementary opens 20 new classrooms for over 500 students

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Construction is underway throughout the Central Valley School District, and one elementary school is finally enjoying finished brand new classrooms.

After eight long months of construction, 20 classrooms at Greenacres Elementary are "open for business."

Windows, walls, cubbies, and automatic sinks. Things that would seem normal in an elementary school are new and exciting to the teachers and students at Greenacres.

"Everything is exciting right now," said Principal Lindsay Kent.

Greenacres is just one of ten Central Valley School District projects voters approved in a bond in Feb. 2015.

"Right now, Greenacres Elementary is our first project we've actually moved our teachers into and our students," said Deputy Superintendent Jay Rowell.

This week, 504 students moved into new classrooms.

Greenacres is changing from an open concept school to a closed concept, something educators say will create safer learning environments.

"It also allows kids and teachers the opportunities to learn in different ways," said Principal Lindsay Kent. "Before we had to be really careful about being quiet for our neighbors who were trying to learn next door, and now teachers have the opportunity to shut their door. I've heard a lot more singing going on in our primary classrooms."

Kent says her students can't get enough of the new upgrades.

"It has been amazing to see the kids just loving their new classroom," she said. "Every time they walk by they tell me, 'Thank you, Mrs. Kent,' because they're so excited to just have a classroom with a door that shuts and windows to the outside."

These administrators say after waiting 17 years for a bond to pass, it's emotional to see the work being done.

"It kind of gets you [emotionally] a little bit," Rowell said, "and makes you excited for what we're still doing with those other projects."

There's still construction work to be done, but Greenacres staff and students are excited to see the light at the end of this construction tunnel.

Greenacres expects to be done with construction by the end of the summer.

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