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Great American Smoke-Out

SPOKANE, Wash. - Every third Thursday in November, the American Cancer Society holds their “Great American Smoke-Out” event. The annual intervention aims to get people to quit smoking. 

In Spokane, multiple agencies are offering free kits to help smokers quit for good and show that the process does not have to cost a fortune. The kits include a free pack of gum and mint tooth picks to help curb cravings, straws to keep your hands and mouth busy, and a water bottle as keeping hydrated is important for stop-smoking success.

There is also information on the Quitline and SmartQuit phone application. You can pick up a free kit at any of these health centers.

Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart accepted the challenge to quit smoking from the Spokane Regional Health District 37 days ago and says he has relied on gum and toothpicks to help curb his cravings, in addition to sunflower seeds.