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Four horses rescued by SCRAPS up for adoption

MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. - SCRAPS seized nine horses from unhealthy living conditions at a property near Medical Lake back in January. Five have now been adopted, and four are still looking to find a new home.

You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at them now, but these horses have overcome a lot.

"They were underweight," said Field Operations Manager Ashley Proszek. "Ribs showing, spines showing, hips, even some were to the point where you could see shoulder bones."

Proszek said these horses came from a property the agency had been working with for a few years.

"We worked with the owners to get the animals back to weight," she said, "then we maintained contact with them to make sure the animals were maintaining and everything was appropriate."

Proszek said the horses got to that point, but when winter came, the animals' conditions and environment started going back downhill.

"These horses were seeing wind temperatures in the negatives, and with not adequate hay, not good quality hay, those cold temperatures, it was a downhill effect for the horses, so they started losing weight pretty rapidly at that point," Proszek said.

Since January, the horses have been boarded here at Northwest Trails near Deer Park. The horses are much healthier now. Some have gained hundreds of pounds!

SCRAPS is still searching for the perfect homes for these four.

But caring for these horses will require some extra TLC.

"Some of the adults even are hard to catch and haven't been worked with for a while," she said.

These animals are looking for owners who have experience with horses, and have the resources to properly care for them. The adoption fee is $125.